July 4, 2011: 1st place Professional Category Photography Contest hosted by the Galva Arts Council, Galva, IL.

Many thanks to the VanWassenhove Family for having me take their Family Portrait.  

Besides a good looking family, the Judge Mark Rassmussen from Light Chase Photography http://lightchasephotography.com went on to explain why he chose the first place winners.  What he explained is that the row of trees are made of wood as well as the fence and the elements on the building in the background.  He said he looks for connections.  Furthermore, the way the family is sitting makes a triangle shape which repeats throughout the image; the oldest son's hair makes a triangle, the peak on the building in the background, the bricks of the pavement, how the tree trunk to the roots, ect.  The Trees and the fence appear to frame the family.

I like that...the trees and fence FRAME the family; Frykman's Freeze FRAME.  

Did I sit and plan those connections...No, but I knew that is where I wanted to take their family portrait.  If anyone knows me, they know that I am always "looking".  

Seriously, I learned a lot from listening to Mr. Rassmussen who is a landscape photographer.  It was a great experience and I am truly honored! I am looking forward to participating again next year! 

I also want to add that this day was not only spectacular for me, but my oldest son's baseball team took first in a Tournament over in Oneida, Il.  After the presentation of the Awards from the Galva Arts Council, I rushed over to Oneida.  While watching the first game of the day for my son's team, I happen to look down and spot a 4-leaf clover.  After the win, we knew that the team would be playing for the championship...so I gave my son the 4-leaf clover to put in his back pocket.  The team won!  It was a winning 4th of July!

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